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Back-to-School Bayside Bash

It’s Back to School time and what better school to go back to than Bayside?
Join us for a Zack Attack Burger at The Max, stay to watch Bayside and Valley battle it out in the Beer Pong Championship, and show off your moves in a Dance To The Max contest. Continue reading “Back-to-School Bayside Bash”

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Westworld Finale Feast

This season of HBO’s Westworld has had viewers on the edge of their seat following Hosts on their journey to the Valley Beyond. Gather all your friends for a Finale Feast! Discuss all your fan theories at the Mariposa Saloon, chow down on Cowboy Caviar, and play the Westworld Drinking Game. Continue reading “Westworld Finale Feast”

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A Feast of Thrones

Call the banners, a feast nears!

Treat all your Game Of Thrones loving fans to a finale feast fit for Kings and Queens alike. Before you settle in for the epic 80 minute finale sure to be full of intrigue, murder, and mayhem pre-game in style with food from the famous Inn At The Crossroads, cocktails from Dragonstone Tavern, and games sure to entertain. Continue reading “A Feast of Thrones”

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The One with Friendsgiving!

Every year my friends gather for our annual Friendsgiving party, this year we decided to do something a little different and make if a literal FRIENDSgiving, paying homage to a show that has a special place in all our hearts. From menus to decorations to games we are your one stop shop to make your Friendsgiving Feast a success! Continue reading “The One with Friendsgiving!”