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Back-to-School Bayside Bash

It’s Back to School time and what better school to go back to than Bayside?
Join us for a Zack Attack Burger at The Max, stay to watch Bayside and Valley battle it out in the Beer Pong Championship, and show off your moves in a Dance To The Max contest.

Ah Saved by the Bell, the show from the 90s that dressed like the 80s and acted like the 50s. Who doesn’t have a favorite Saved by the Bell moment? Whether it’s Jessie’s “So excited!” meltdown, Zack’s cellphone, or Screech’s ridiculous disguises the show made its mark on an entire generation. So let’s relive the magic with a Bayside costume party!

These nostalgia soaked invites are the perfect start to a totally tubular Bayside Bash. A sure way to get your guests in the spirit.




Check out our Party Menu that would make Max proud,
Saved By The Bell inspired Party Games,
and a DIY Decorations tutorial.


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