Rockin’ Bayside Centerpiece

When we decided to throw a Saved by the Bell party one of the hardest parts was figuring out the decorations. The show aired in the 90’s, though the wardrobes were far more 80’s in style and the gang spends most of their time at a 50’s diner.

One of our earliest plans came from this popular Pintrest image.

Neon cassettes covered in glitter seemed pretty on theme, but we decided we could do one better. And behold the results.

So how did we do it? First we purchased a set of 12 white audio cassette shells. Then we found some neon nail polish to paint them along with some white fabric flowers we happened to have.

It was decided that rather than glitter, those 90’s paint splatters would be more appropriate. This was accomplished as you’d expect, flinging paint on the cassettes. Needless to say I kept the camera far away during that part of the process, but here’s a pic of the finished product.

Then using a glue gun we connected 4 tapes each into a box and stacked them accordingly around a slender vase. And remember those fabric flowers? We cut the faces of the cast from a leftover Invitation and pasted those inside each one.

We also purchased from Amazon a set of 50’s Soda Shop props. Using these around our food table really added to the theme and helped get everyone into the spirit.


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