Dance to the Max

The Saved By The Bell gang has had their share of great dance moments throughout the show’s run. Who could forget the girls short-lived trio Hot Sundae and their spandex filled music video? Or the boys getting down to the Beach Boy’s classic Barbara Ann?

But for this game we took inspiration from Lisa’s legendary dance craze The Sprain. When The Max decides to hold a dance competition hosted by none other than Casey Kasem the whole gang is excited to take part. Then tragedy strikes! Lisa sprains her ankle (by kicking the television set after finding out her favorite nail polish was discontinued) and her apparently very competitive partner decides to instead go with his backup. So she and Screech come up with an ingenious plan, they create a new dance move “The Sprain” and go on to win the competition.

Throw your own Dance To The Max competition!

Gather your guests, crank up some totally awesome jams, and see which of your friends have the best dance skills!


Competitors must create their own unique dance move and showcase it to the group.

Spectators vote for their favorite dance move by applause.

Whomever receives the loudest applause wins.


Check out our Saved By The Party YouTube playlist for some tunes guaranteed to pump up your guests!


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