The King’s Beer Tourney

Defend your honor in the noble game of Joust Pong!

King's Beer Tourney

Joust Beer Pong Rules:

Create teams of 1-2 players.
Assemble solo cups into diamond shields on opposite ends and sides as the diagram shows

Joust Pong

Players from opposite team both shoot at the same time. If either ball makes it into the opposite teams cup they must drink and remove the cup, but if the balls collide in the air both teams must pick a cup to drink and remove.
Each team is allowed 3 re-racks a game.
After the first 2 teams play, the second 2 teams face each other, the winners of each game then compete against each other.
Of course there are no teams in jousting, so in the final round players from the winning team must then play each other in a sudden death game to determine a winner.
In this final round use only 4 cups to compose each player “shield.”
Joust Pong-Final Round



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