The Faceless Men Assassin Game

Welcome to the assassin order of The Faceless Men! Our ancient order serves the Many-Faced God by bestowing the gift of death.

Faceless Men 2

You will each receive our coin (sticker) on the back you will find a name.
This is your intended victim.
To give The Gift you must place a sticker on them without being noticed.
If you receive The Gift you must give the assassin your coin.

And remember our words:
Valar Morghulis Valar Dohaeris
All men must die & All men must serve

Valar Morghulis

Stickers (1 for each player of equal size)

Distribute stickers to each player.
Instruct players to write their names on the back of the sticker and place in bowl.
Once all the stickers are collected, each player then takes turns drawing from the bowl.
The name on the back of the sticker is their target, to kill their target players must place a sticker on the target without being seen. If a sticker is placed on a victim’s plate or cup, they must eat or drink from it before it is counted as a successful kill.
The last assassin standing wins.


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