Game Of Thrones Finale Mad Libs

See if your craziest predictions come true in the season finale with Game Of Thrones Mad Libs.


  1. Character
  2. Position/Title
  3. Place/Organization
  4. Character
  5. People/Place/Thing
  6. Weapon
  7. Character
  8. Character
  9. Weapon
  10. Place

1. (character) becomes 2. (position/title) of 3. (place/organization).
Ex. Jon Snow becomes Lord Commander of Night’s Watch.
Olenna becomes Ally of House Targaryen.
Cersei becomes Queen of Westeros.

4. (character) destroys 5. (person/place/thing) with 6. (weapon).
Ex. Cersei destroys Sept with Wildfire.
Jon destroys White Walker with Valyrian Steel.
Night King destroys Children of the Forest with Wights.

7. (character) kills 8. (character) with 9. (weapon) at 10. (place).
Ex. Olly kills Jon Snow with a Dagger at Castle Black.
Tyrion kills Tywin with a Crossbow at King’s Landing.
Cersei kills Margaery with Wildfire at the Sept.


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