Cocktails, Menus

Dragonstone Tavern

Drink like a real Westerosi with cocktails from the ancient Dragonstone Tavern.

Dragonstone Tavern

Dragonstone Tavern

Hippocras Sangria
A refreshing fruity take on a warm Westeros favorite
Red Wine spiced with Fireball and chilled with fresh fruit

Dornish Rose
Dornish Lemons & Highgarden Raspberries ally
In this hard Raspberry-Lemonade spritzer

Wildling Cider Mule
Even in the frozen wild North one needs a bit of sweetness
Hard Apple Cider, Citron Vodka, and Ginger Beer

The White Walker
Winter is coming, but not soon enough
Cool down with this chilling Hpnotiq Mojito


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