Bread and Salt

This symbol of the laws of hospitality is a must have at any Game of Thrones feast.
Served with Infused Olive Oil, Garlic Butter, and Assorted Meats & Cheeses.

Bread Braid

1 can pillsbury crescents
1/4 cup Pretzel/Kosher Salt

Unroll Pillsbury Crescent dough
Divide sheet in half along the perforation
Roll each section until you have 2 rope-like pieces
Twist the 2 sections and mold into a ring
Bake at 375 for 10 – 20 minutes or until golden brown
Let cool Transfer to plate Pour salt in the middle

Herb Olive Oil

2 cups Olive Oil
3-5 sprig Rosemary
1 tbs crushed Red Pepper flakes

Combine 1 cup Olive Oil and Rosemary in pan over low heat
Let simmer for 5 mins – Remove from heat pour into bowl

Repeat process with remaining Olive Oil and Red Pepper flakes

Garlic Butter

1 cup Butter
1 bulb Garlic (roasted)

Cut stick of butter into fourths and place in small saucepan on low heat. As butter melts stir in Roasted Garlic with fork. Once Butter is melted remove from heat and transfer to bowl

Arrange a cutting board of assorted cheeses and meats
Cheeses such as Cheddar, Parmesan, and Gouda are first mentioned in the Medieval era
Meats such as Proscuitto and Salami pre-date even the roman empire


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