Intergalactic Beer Pong

Put an intergalactic twist on your backyard beer pong game this Independence Day.


Wormhole Beer Pong

Wormhole Beer Pong

Wormhole pong functions in a similar way to standard beer pong with one exception, one cup one each side is designated The Wormhole. Should a player’s ball fall into the other side’s Wormhole, rather than drink the teams much switch sides of the table.


Space Invaders Beer Pong
Space Invaders Beer Pong

Space Invaders Pong

Okay, so full disclosure this was not as well received as Wormhole Pong was, but I stand by the concept. My hope is someone out there can perfect it. The game works like this, the Invader side has a full 10 cups positioned close together resembling a UFO. The  defender side has 1 line of 4 stationary cups and behind them is the fighter cup which can be moved by the Defenders after they have taken their turn.

Pong-Space Invaders


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