Star Wars Cantina Menu

Make your Independence Day party one to remember with cosmic cocktails inspired by America’s favorite aliens.

Star Wars Cantina

Blue Milkshake

Just like Aunt Beru used to make!
This blue moon milkshake is made from only the finest
Bantha Milk and a healthy dose of Vodka.

Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster

Best Drink in Existence according to the Hitchhiker’s Guide
Have your brains smashed in by a slice of lemon wrapped around a
large gold brick with this lemon drop sparkler

The Diva

Fhloston Paradise’s number one seller!
Inspired by the the blue Diva herself
This Vodka cocktail comes alive in the blacklight

Slurm Shot

This highly addictive shot is fresh and straight from the source … Don’t ask.

Red Martian Shooter

Vodka and Raspberry Liqueur shooter


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