Queens: A Drinking Game

Kings has always been a popular drinking game. All you need is a deck of cards, booze, and friends. Luckily we had all three! Of course the standard rules of Kings includes some gender specific cards, so we had to do some tweaking for an all female group.

So here’s our version: The Queens Drinking Game.



Fan out deck of playing cards in a circle
Players sit around the circle, draw a card at random and perform the action required.

2. For You
Player chooses a person to drink

3. For Me
Player drinks

4. Hit the Floor
Last person to touch the ground drinks

5. Make a Jive
Player starts a dance move the player to their left repeats and adds on
First player to mess up drinks

6. Make a Mix
Player pours some of their drink into another players cup

7. Hand to Heaven
Last person to raise their hand to the sky drinks

8. Pick a Mate
Player picks a person who will now have to drink every time they do

9. Bust a Rhyme
Player says a phrase person to the left must rhyme the last word
10. Categories
Player chooses a category the player to their left lists something from that category.
First person to repeat an answer or not answer within 3 seconds drinks

Jack Never Have I Ever
Players states something they’ve never done, anyone who has drinks

Queen Off with their Head
Player chooses a person to chug the remainder of their drink

King Make a Rule
Player creates a rule that must be followed throughout the game

Ace Waterfall
Everyone Chugs!
Start drinking at the same time as the person to your left until they stop.


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