Naughty Princess Bachelorette Party

The saying goes that every bride wants to be a princess on her wedding day, but why stop there? This bachelorette theme is sure to bring out the Naughty Princess in all your girlfriends.

Taking inspiration from Disney, Marie Antoinette, and traditional bachelorette debauchery I tried to craft a theme that would make everyone feel like it was their special night.


Wedding events can be a little awkward. They often involve people who would never mix under normal circumstances, a bride-to-be breaking new ground in the states of anxiety, and bridesmaids finding themselves crushed under ever mounting expenses. By the time the Bachelorette party rolls around everyone is sorely in need of a night off. What better way to kick back than wearing a tiara, cocktail in hand, learning the finer points of bedroom toy shopping.

For this event I partnered with Bedroom Kandi Boutique. The company specializes in what is best described as a tupperware party for sex toys. Their consultants provide helpful advice, product presentations, and even some fairly entertaining games. Guests are invited to peruse the company’s catalog and have the opportunity to order from their consultant. A little more creative than your average male stripper affair, this proved to be a big hit among the guests.


Tiana’s Place Menu

Bibbidi Bobbidi Booze! Cocktail Menu

Queens Drinking Game

Costume Contest


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