Butter Pecan Sandwich

Butter Chicken Chicken & Pecan and Salad

Okay so we took some big liberties with this one, but with so much chocolate on the menu it was decided we needed something more substantial.

Butter Pecan Salad

2 cups Butter Chicken* (diced)
*we used this simple BuzzFeed recipe
1 tsp Butter sauce
½ cup Toasted Pecans (chopped)
½ cup Celery (diced)
¼ cup Mayonnaise
Salt & Pepper to taste


  1. Prep Chicken, Celery, and Pecans
  2. Combine Chicken, Pecans, Celery, Mayo, salt and pepper in a large bowl, stir until Chicken is well coated
  3. Cover and refrigerate

Place lettuce leaves between bread slices and chicken salad to prevent sogginess

Butter Pecan


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