Dharma Cafeteria Menu

Being stranded in paradise does have some perks, especially if you’re getting regular food shipments from the Dharma Initiative. However, we wanted a menu that would call back to those earlier survivalist episodes. For this we utilized the food list compiled by the contributors of Lostpedia to try and recreate what food the survivors of Oceanic flight 815 might have enjoyed.




Hurley’s Chips & Dip
Ranch Dip and Mango Salsa
Jin’s Catch of the Day!
Assorted Sashimi with Chef’s special Honey Soy Sauce
Fried Plantains
The best The Island has to offer fried in coconut oil
Tailies Chicken Skewers
Choice of Coconut Curry or Chipotle Lime
Locke’s Boar
Glazed Pork Ribs fresh from today’s hunt
Dharma Fish Biscuits
Peanut Butter Fish Cookies


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