Lost Island Party!

Spring is in the air… and after a long winter what better way to warm up than with some tropical island fun? That was the thought behind this Tiki Party theme for the birthday of a Lost fanatic. It’s been sometime since the show was on air, but lives on as some of Netflix’s most binge-worthy content. Survivors from a plane crash find themselves navigating a strange tropical paradise known only as The Island. The Island with it’s mix of 70’s science tech, Egyptian ruins, and haunted pirate ships offers a wealth of decorating options.


Admittedly my job was made much easier by the fine contributors at the Lostpedia wiki. Their list of food the survivors had access to really helped when crafting the menu. They also have a list of all songs featured in the show, which were surprisingly all available through Google Play membership.

So get out your castaway costumes and prepare for an island feast blessed by Jacob!

Dharma Cafeteria Menu
Jacob’s Temple of Cocktails
Lost Drinking Game

LostIsland Party


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