Setting a Crime Scene

To help your guests get into their roles you want to make sure you set the scene. I was able to find a good amount of useful props such as a vintage telephone and a Bluetooth stereo meant to resemble an old-timey radio. When the players arrived they were immediately greeted by a basket containing name tags and their “loot” bags which contained all their game money and poker chips for gambling. We did not begin the game until all the guests were accounted for, but this helped give everyone time to familiarize themselves with what role everyone is playing.


We set up a small casino table to entertain everyone before the game began. I found this Shot Roulette game on Amazon for an incredibly good sale price and printed out the Roulette Board. To be honest none of us knew how to play Roulette so we mostly just bet on red or black. We also included dice and a pack of cards (not pictured) to give more gambling options.



We also created a photo-booth area by collecting props and signs. We found the stick prop kit at a dollar store but you can find better quality versions on Amazon or make them yourself. While our kit came with a lot of varieties they were a little unnecessary. You could probably get away with only having 1 or 2 hats, a monocle, and a fake cigarette stem.


We included some costume extras as well, just in case anyone had found it difficult to dress up. In addition to the fake mustaches not pictured were extra sets of feather boas, pearl necklaces, and fake cigars and cigarettes. Of course this is a game about murder, so we included an inmate sign so guests could take and share their own mugshots.




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