Murder Mystery Party Invitations

Invitations for a Murder Mystery game are a little more complicated than your average soirée. RSVPs for one, are a lot more important. In addition to giving guests a heads up for time and date you need to assign characters and distribute game information. I recommend sending out an e-mail or Facebook event about 3 weeks to a month before your plan to hold the party. Make sure you stress that guests need to RSVP if they want to play. This will give you a good amount of time to send out character materials and your guests time to prepare.

fb-inviteAfter gathering a guest list and assigning roles to everyone it was time to send out the Game Packets. These included the character background booklet, invitation, and info-sheet. We had a few options with our  kit: snail mail, e-mail, or making use of the Party Management feature on We chose snail mail feeling it would make a more dramatic presentation and help people take the game more seriously.  However, this is definitely the more time consuming and costlier route, so it may be easier to send them online.

About 2 weeks before the party we touched base with the guests to ensure all had received their Game Packets.  I also included links to costume ideas and this helpful video from BuzzFeed featuring 1920’s slang to help guests get into the speakeasy spirit.

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