Geller Bowl Friends Trivia Competition

Dying to know which of your guests is the biggest Friends fan? The Geller Bowl Trivia Competition is here to help! Watch your friends fight it out for the title of Biggest Friends-Fanatic and if you’re feeling extra industrious make your own Geller Cup for the winner.
I would give a tutorial, but it seems pretty self-explanatory…weird-family-heirlooms-thanksgiving-episode-friends-1448330509

We created this slide show and used a chromecast to display the questions for the competitors. We also distributed answer sheet printouts that you can download here and made an answer key to make scoring go a little quicker. You can download the questions here or simply scroll down.

Gellar Bowl Friends Trivia

It’s All Relative

  1. How many sisters does Joey Tribbiani have?
  2. Viewers were introduced to Phoebe Buffay’s twin sister Ursula before Friends on what NBC sitcom?
  3. Rachel Green has 2 sisters each played by famous blonde actresses. Which of the following was not one of them?
         A. Reese Witherspoon
         B. Anna Faris
         C. Christina Applegate

Love & Marriage

  1. Ross was not the only Friend to be married prior to the start of the series. Which other member of the group is revealed to have been previously married?
  2. Which of the following actresses did NOT guest star as a romantic interest for one of the Friends:
         A. Julia Roberts
         B. Susan Sarandon
         C. Kathleen Turner
         D. Winona Ryder
  3. Which of the following actors did NOT guest star as a romantic interest for one of the Friends:
         A. Freddie Prinze Jr.
         B. Charlie Sheen
         C. Paul Rudd
         D. Jean Claude Van Damme

Ancient History

  1. What was the name of Chandler and Ross’ college band?
  2. Phoebe spent much of her youth homeless on the streets of New York City. Which of the friends did she unknowingly mug years before they met?
  3. What was the name of Chandler’s roommate before Joey?
         A. Eddie
         B. Janine
         C. Bob
         D. Kip
    Bonus: Which of the Friends did they date?

Fears & Pet Peeves

  1. When Joey is reading a book that frightens him he hides it where?
  2. Ross was reunited with his pet monkey Marcel on the set of what movie?
    ___A. Congo 3
    ___B. Planet of the Chimps
    ___C. Outbreak 2
    ___D. Escape from New York
  3. What came first the Chick or the Duck?


  1. When Joey finds Rachel’s dirty book he mocks her by pretending to be a…
    ___A. Stable Boy
    ___B. Vicar
    ___C. Pirate
    ___D. Chimney Sweep
  2. What name appears on the address label of the TV Guide that comes to Chandler and Joey’s apartment?
  3. This book had all the girls of Friends looking for their inner goddess…
    ___A. Be Your Own Windkeeper
    ___B. The Pool of Inner Power
    ___C. Into the Forest of Righteous Truth
    ___D. Stealing Thunder

Business & Industry

  1. In the What If episode Chandler was a struggling writer, but finally sold a story to what publication?
  2. What Soap Opera did Joey star as Dr. Drake Ramoray in?
    ___A. All My Children    
    ___B. Days of Our Lives    
    ___C. Passions     
    ___D. As the World Turns
  3. Name one other acting job Joey has had 

Lightning Round (timed)

  1. Ross has 3 wives in the course of the series.
    Name those wives!
    (20 seconds)
  2. Throughout the show 7 children are born to the Friends.
    Name those babies!
    (50 seconds)
  3. List one occupation held by each of the Friends
    (50 seconds)
    Name everyone who has lived in Monica’s apartment In Order



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