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The One with Friendsgiving!

Every year my friends gather for our annual Friendsgiving party, this year we decided to do something a little different and make if a literal FRIENDSgiving, paying homage to a show that has a special place in all our hearts. From menus to decorations to games we are your one stop shop to make your Friendsgiving Feast a success!


Of course step one of any party is to inform everyone there is a party. There are a few options here, but the easiest is a Facebook invite.



However, not everyone is on Facebook, so we also sent out emails with this invitation:


I generally like to send out invites around 1-2 weeks in advance, but you know your guests. If they are a busy bunch you might want to send it out earlier so they can plan or for forgetful friends it may be wise to send out a reminder as the date nears.

Next: Central Perk Coffee Bar Cocktails


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