Central Perk Coffee Bar

An important component of any party is the drink options. As we all know the Friends gang spends most of their day at their favorite coffee-house Central Perk, so we’ve crafted a menu of coffee cocktails sure to impress your guests. And for sober drivers plenty of Hot Cocoa and Coffee to warm their night. big-board

The biggest challenge when making fancy cocktails is they require an assortment of fancy liqueurs that then sit on the shelf collecting dust post-party. Keeping that in mind we selected cocktails that best utilized our bar.

The Bar
Vanilla Vodka
Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur
Baileys Irish Cream
Kahlua Coffee Liqueur

Fun Bobby’s Irish Coffee
Warm hazelnut brew spiked with Frangelico and Irish Cream

Monica’s Hot Mocklate
Piping Hot Cocoa with a splash of Vanilla Vodka and Frangelico

Drunken “Whoopah!” Cream
Homemade whipped cream spiked with Vanilla Vodka

Central Perk-Up Martini
Chilled Coffee Martini served with a mocha or dulce de leche rim

Coffee Cake Shot
Chocolate Cake shooter with a coffee shop twist

Red Ross Shot
Drunken red-eye shooter

We used a chromecast to display the picture of the drink board,
but also created this printable menu for guest to view.


Skip to: Friendsgiving Feast Menu


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